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Off-the-Wall Uses for Wallpaper

Book Accessory. Old wallpaper scraps check. Old books. Check. You have all you need to create a fun accessory for any room of your home. Forever Lovely Design suggests wrapping old books in coordinating colors and patterns to add a splash of fun to your home decor. New-to-you Furniture. If you have an old piece of furniture — whether a dresser, bedside table or kitchen cart — in need of TLC, give it a new look with wallpaper rather than paint. TheDesignFile showcases ideas for using wallpaper to decorate bookcases, stools, picture frames, and even staircases. For more off-the-wall ideas for wallpaper, visit Cozy.Squidoo.com. For those beautiful wallpapers, visit...

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Tips for Stylish Bookcases

PaperBack. Wallpaper isn’t just for walls, it can easily be adhered to the back of your bookshelves too. Peeking out from behind your accessories, wallpaper is sure to add a fun, whimsical, or sophisticated pattern to your space. Trim It Out. Wallpaper always looks fabulous at the back of a bookcase, but who says you need to stop there? Adding a layer or two of decorative ribbon along the shelves is one more way to add interest to your storage solution. To read more tips, visit BHG.com. For those beautiful wallcoverings to decorate your bookcases and more, visit...

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5 Different Ways to Use Wallpaper

1.) Keep it to a single wall. Just like with a vibrant paint color or design, using wallpaper on just one wall of a room will create a different personality and flavor than if you were to keep it one-shade. It can still match the room and create a sense of uniqueness without being a cliche wallpapered mess. And it’s an easy way to create a theme. Vintage, contemporary, trendy, feminine and even masculine; wallpaper can help create the ethos you want and feel comfortable with. 2.) Bring on the stripes or add it to the floor. There is absolutely no way around it. Stripes add pizazz and instant flair. And instant of painting or stenciling on your own lengthening design, use wallpaper to create the lines. You can even add some to the floor! It’ll be fun to use in a child’s playroom, in a bonus room or even a dining room that needs to be opened up. Find more creative uses for wallpaper by visiting Homedit.com. Find lots of beautiful wallpapers by clicking...

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20 Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Kitchen Design with Wallpaper Make the most of your walls and personalize your kitchen with the pattern and texture of wallpaper. Cabinetry dominates the kitchen, typically covering about 60 percent of its perimeter. With so little left for walls, how do you make an impact? Wallpaper provides an enormous visual punch in even small doses with pattern, color, and texture. Color with White Cabinets White countertops and kitchen cabinetry can quickly overwhelm a room and make it feel cold. Warm it up in a jiffy with a high-contrast wallpaper pattern that surrounds the cabinets with inviting color. See 18 more Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper in the Kitchen at BHG.com. To view some beautiful wallpapers perfect for your kitchen, click...

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