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Alternatives to Plain White Walls

Recently, the L.A. Times posted Wallpaper: 18 alternatives to plain white walls, on their website. According to their post, “Ultra-white walls are fine in museums, but at home, many people prefer color, pattern and texture.” We couldn’t agree more! One of their suggested alternatives to plain white walls is a pink grasscloth wallcovering. Click HERE to see a beautiful pink grasscloth that could be the perfect touch for your...

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Wall Street Journal Covers Wallcovering

Wallpaper Stands Out, Literally Putting Pearls, Bamboo, Suede, Grass and Other Textures on the Walls for a 3-D Effect By HEIDI MITCHELL from the Wall Street Journal When guests walk into the powder room of Katie Stein’s Darien, Conn., home, “people’s first reaction is to reach out and touch the walls,” says Ms. Stein. That’s because the walls are completely encrusted in glass beads. Wallcovers That Do More Than Just Cover Walls Textured and three-dimensional wallpaper are among the fastest growing of all residential wallcovers. View Slideshow Ron Blunt for The Wall Street Journal Handmade wallpaper from Ronald Redding has a traditional trellis pattern, and has metallics woven in. Desiring a look that was “sophisticated but with a little whimsy,” Ms. Stein, a 41-year-old mother of three, called in interior designer Annie Mahoney to spruce up the previously neglected room. Ms. Mahoney chose a three-dimensional wallpaper called Bianca Beadazzled by Maya Romanoff, a designer who has been creating textured papers since 1969. “The light hits the surface in different ways, it creates a kind of a magical feeling,” Ms. Mahoney says. As wallpaper enjoys a revival in popularity, embellished papers are a particularly bright spot. Sales of three-dimensional wall coverings are the fastest growing of all residential wallpapers, according to the Wallcoverings Association, a trade group that represents more than 60 manufacturers and distributors. The industry is projecting an...

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