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Spring 2014 Fashion Trends at NY Fashion Week

  NEW YORK — From runway to real way — a phrase often flaunted in fashion to describe the likelihood of a trend trickling down to retail. The trends spotted at New York Fashion Week, which wrapped up Thursday, are apt to make this journey from model to mainstream woman, as many of the collections capitalized on wearability and adaptability for spring and summer 2014. For the most part, designers toned down the exotic, the absurd, the excessively eccentric — all the things the public often criticizes high fashion for and sometimes keeps it out of reach. Instead, the eight days of runway shows and presentations...

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Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2014

Designers take a modern twist on the traditional for spring 2014 by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium. Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women, designers use color to refresh, revive and defy conventional wisdom. “This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “While this need for stability is reflected in the composition of the palette, the inherent versatility of the individual colors allows for experimentation with new looks and color combinations.”...

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Anna Sui – Fashion Week NY 2013 – Antique Wallpaper Patterns

  NEW YORK, N.Y. — In her quiet sort of way, designer Anna Sui has started a rebellion. She said the spring looks at her show Wednesday at New York Fashion Week, inspired by the romantic English pre-Raphaelite painters, was her way of bringing a little beauty back to the catwalk — and the closet. “It’s a reaction against the world right now,” she said. “I want to bring back poetry to the way we dress.” She had in mind historical fiction muses such as Ophelia, Guinevere and Juliet. “Everything is flecked with antique gold, or shot with peacock...

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