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Tag: grasscloth wallpaper

Alternatives to Plain White Walls

Recently, the L.A. Times posted Wallpaper: 18 alternatives to plain white walls, on their website. According to their post, “Ultra-white walls are fine in museums, but at home, many people prefer color, pattern and texture.” We couldn’t agree more! One of their suggested alternatives to plain white walls is a pink grasscloth wallcovering. Click HERE to see a beautiful pink grasscloth that could be the perfect touch for your...

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Trends: Grasscloth Wallpaper

You all know I am a huge fan of using millwork to add character to home.  I am not going to say I feel as strongly about wallpaper, but I have been feeling really good about it recently. I’m not talking about floral patterns or modern geometrics that date easily.  I am talking about grasscloth wallpaper being used to add texture to a room or hall.  We had grasscloth wallpaper in our family room when I was growing up and it is still in style today. To read the rest, visit Heatherscotthome.wordpress.com. Looking to spruce a room or two?...

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