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Tag: Maya Romanoff

Stitches by Maya Romanoff

As the torn paper look went away in the late 80’s/early 90’s.. Maya Romanoff has introduced a new version of the classic first created by John Prince.  Stitches is available through qualified interior designers...

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Maya Romanoff – Wood Veneer

We have seen very few companies use the wood veneer cut design effect. When done correctly it is quite stunning.  We met a wonderful company at the HDExpo in 2008 that used the wood inlay look very effectively. In the future the artistry of emerging designer David Xian ill be known. Wood Veneer Available through Maya Romanoff or your interior design...

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Blanket by David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff

From Maya Romanoff Website: David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff: The Art of Crafted Wallcovering   From a seemingly infinite pool of creativity and a collaborative exploration of theater set design, painting techniques and natural materials, three outstanding concepts have emerged as the first David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff Collection.   B L A N K E T   Luxurious to the touch and the eye, Blanket is an intriguing, wool-blend covering inspired by the warmth and comfort of a favorite wool blanket. Layers of fine wool are stitched with contrasting thread, creating a striped effect that enhances the highly-tactile appeal of the covering. The soft 54″ panels are available in a variety of grey and brown heathers, wrapping not only the room, but its inhabitants, in a soothing embrace. Blanket is offered in eight sewn and three screenprinted, tone-on-tone colorways. Blanket by David Rockwell for Maya...

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