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Geometric and Graphic Wallpaper Home Trends

The more I hear about trends for 2014, it’s apparent that modern and geometric styles are playing a big roll in home design. One of the more prominent ways that pattern is working it’s way into homes is through wallpaper. 2014 styles showcase very graphic as well as geometric patterns, from bold black and deep navy to airy pastels. It almost has a very 1960/1970 wallpaper feel, but with more modern color combinations and sharper designs. If you really want to try a pattern that’s right on trend, go for a blue or purple color geometric print. Both colors are expected to make a big impact this year. Read more at Girlsofto.com. View some beautiful geometric wallpapers...

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What’s New: The color purple – and other trends

Wallpaper is back in a big way for 2014. Bold graphic wallpaper instantly creates visual energy in a room. Wallpaper can add that “wow” factor to a room without the cost of tile, stone or textile fabrics. “Large scale patterned wallpaper can add architectural elements and interest to an uninteresting and lackluster space. When used sparingly in a small space such as a foyer or powder room, it can augment the space with a sense of mass and dimension,” said Maxine Corbett, Miromar Design Center general manager and a licensed interior designer. Read more at News-Press.com. View some beautiful purple wallpapers...

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Wallpaper Trends and Technology for 2014

The color of the year for 2014 is the perfect hue to reflect the spirit of pause & refresh. Its barely there, pastel-like quality is soft enough to instill a quiet pause in even the most active of environments, evoking tranquility. Yet as part of the optimistic yellow family, its subtle warmth and delicate creme tone welcome renewal. Read more at Awcbn.com. View some of our beautiful wallpaper by clicking...

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