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Devo Wallpaper for the Mayan End of the World as seen in Forbes

The brand-new “Archaeologist’s Digs” cottage at the Roxbury—the Hudson Valley’s most fun, best-run “boutique motel,” about three hours from New York City—isn’t just about the Mayans, but part of it pays homage in grand style. The Mayan Temple bedroom cleverly riffs on the ancient civilization’s numerical system and astrological calendar. It’s a great place to be next week or anytime this winter. (It’s welcoming its first guests December 26, with rates from $650.) The three-bedroom house is a comfy, campy base to look back and laugh at this whole “end of the world” thing, while also warming up in front of a...

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Wallpaper designed to protect Wi-Fi networks

Wallpaper designed to protect Wi-Fi networks   BAE Systems is betting that its high-tech wall coverings will be the answer to companies’ wireless-networking worries. By Ron Coates Special to CNET News.co British defense contractor BAE Systems has developed a stealth wallpaper designed to stop electronic eavesdropping on Wi-Fi networks. The company has produced panels designed to prevent outsiders from listening in on companies’ Wi-Fi traffic but let other traffic through, including radio and mobile phone signals.   Get Up to Speed on… Wi-Fi Get the latest headlines and company-specific news in our expanded GUTS section. The FSS (Frequency Selective...

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Brooklyn Tins™ at Designer Wallcoverings

What a fabulous new collection of architectural wallpapers. The Brooklyn Tins™ Collections offers the best of architectural wallpaper detail. The photo realistic wallpaper created by Piet Boon is a real show stopper. Inquire for samples and Pricing. Simply Gorgeous and serviceable for commercial...

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