Pattern Number: DWP-NAPPATILE
Pattern Name: Nappa Tile
Collection: DW Purchasing Agency
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Select Patterns from Nappa Tile available at our Los Angeles Showroom. Purchasing Agency for Interior Designers, Architects, and Hotels. NappaTile was founded with the concept of bringing together luxury and art by combining rich faux leathers with the artistic elements of mosaic tiles. The soul of NappaTile is one of endless possibilities.  Our faux leathers elicit a sense of warmth and comfort unlike other interior tiles made from stone, ceramic, or porcelain. Through NappaTile, the long history and culture of mosaic tiles are brought to life inside bedrooms and other living spaces. The spirit of our innovation can also be seen in our introduction of padded tiles. Our padded tiles add a soft touch to create unparalleled depth to a space that was previously unachievable with other tiles. These tiles create an atmosphere and look that draw friends and families to living areas. Artisans, designers, and homeowners can experience the beauty and innovations of NappaTile through our hand assembled tiles. Rooted in over 4 decades of experience with faux leathers, our team has the ability to fully capture their beauty and strength. Further, only the highest quality faux leathers are used to create our carefully crafted tiles. Today, NappaTile has become the undisputed benchmark of faux leather tile with installations all across the globe.
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