Pattern Number: ROL-90000
Pattern Name: Mega Roller - Quick Installation for Murals
Width: Call for Pricing
Top Category: Wallcoverings, Wallpapers, Walls
_subcategory: Specialty Wall Textures & Styles
Current Category: Wallcovering Equipment
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Mega Roller is a Danish invention. The dispenser makes it easy to mount/attach even large self-adhesive posters to windows and other level surfaces without using water and soap. # This device is a simple tool designed for simple applications such as graphics to windows, walls, and floors. # The MegaRoller is ideal for 'spot graphics' as it would be difficult to create a mural or line up several panels. # Only standard 3.5mil adhesive vinyl work well with the MegaRoller. If you try 6mil vinyl, it struggles due to thickness. # Cling can work, but requires two people. A Mega Roller is produced from high quality materials. It consists of an aluminium casing with end covers in moulded plastic. A felt cushion protects the poster during mounting and, at the same time, distributes the pressure to the entire surface removing all air between the poster and the mounting material. This ensures homogenous mounting without bubbles and folds. MegaRoller sizes: (max length: 98") * Small: 23" max width * Medium: 36" max width * Large: 43" max width * X-Large: 53" max width
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