Pattern Number: WPEX-70002
Pattern Name: LiteText™ Digital Wallpaper - Slightly Textured Vinyl
Width: 52" Wide on 54" Material
Packaged: Up to 30 yards long
Sold Per Unit: Sold per Square Foot
Lead Time: Up to 2 weeks
Top Category: Wallcoverings, Wallpapers, Walls
Current Category: Custom Wallpapers and Murals
Collection: Example
Manufacturer: Walls on Demand - Custom Walls
Fire Rating: Class "A" Fire Rated"
Maintenance: Commercially Rated - Class "A"
Color: Any Color Custom
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LiteText™ Digital Wallpaper - Slightly Textured Vinyl Example of Digital Printed Wallpaper on Slightly Textured Vinyl Prints at 52" on a 54" Sheet. Full Panel Self Adhesive Wallpaper - Retail Chains Love this Option
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