Pattern Number: RNR-66183
Pattern Name: Natural Textile Wallpaper by Ronald Redding
Packaged: Shipped in Double Rolls Only
Sold Per Unit: Sold Per Single Roll
Top Category: Wallcoverings, Wallpapers, Walls
_subcategory: Wallpaper Book Collections
Current Category: Ronald Redding Classic Wallpaper
Collection: Ronald Redding Luxury Wallpaper
Manufacturer: Designer Wallcoverings
Fire Rating: Class A Fire Rated: UDWC Code:FCSX772899
Maintenance: Natural Textile Wallpaper
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Luxury Wallcoverings by Ronald Redding - One of the most revered and celebrated designers in the high end interior designer trade industry, Ronald Redding often redefines what is historical and traditional - masterfully blending past and present to create modern classics. Finishes and Quality are of the highest quality. Manufactured by one of the oldest manufacturers in the wallpaper industry. Accept No Substitutes. Ronald Reding.
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