Pattern Number: Duralee-3
Pattern Name: Duralee Fabric as Featured in Veranda - Indoor/Outdoor
Width: 54"
Sold Per Unit: Sold Per Yard
Lead Time: Usually in Stock
Top Category: Wallcoverings, Wallpapers, Walls
_subcategory: Wallpaper Book Collections
Current Category: As Seen In Shelter Magazines - Interior Design & Architectiure
Manufacturer: Designer Wallcoverings
Maintenance: Indoor/Outdoor
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Duralee Fabric as Featured in Veranda - Indoor/Outdoor - Thomas Paul Indoor/Outdoor Prints Pavilion - Duralee demonstrates innovation through long-lived product lines synonymous with Quality and in the empire that continues to be built. The firm’s three main fabric divisions—Duralee, Highland Court and Suburban Home—offer variously priced lines targeted at a diverse customer base, achieving the perilous balance between the informal and the chic and producing product that is destined to reside in million dollar mansions as well as someone’s first home. Duralee Fine Furniture and many Duralee fabrics fly under the tagline “Made in the USA” and assiduously are. The company also imports from more than 45 countries. From the modest one-room office. We can help with all your Duralee Wallpapers and Fabric Needs.
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