Pattern Number: ELG-57536
Pattern Name: Aquarella Wallpaper
Width: 27" x 13.5ft
Repeat: 2 Match: 20.5 in. Drop
Length of Roll: UDWC#ST6022
Packaged: Double Roll Bolts Only
Sold Per Unit: Sold per Single Roll
Lead Time: Usually in Stock
Top Category: Wallcoverings, Wallpapers, Walls
_subcategory: Wallpaper Book Collections
Current Category: Miami Beach
Collection: Miami Beach Style
Manufacturer: Designer Wallcoverings
Fire Rating: Class "A" Fire Rated
Maintenance: Class "A" Fire Rated
Color: Pearlescent White Pale Pink Bright Pink Peach Medium Red Dark Red
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Only the best from our most elegant manufacturing process. This wallcovering mill has been in business for over 100 years! White, matte or pearlescent, is the perfect backdrop for these make-believe blossoms. The large blooms look like watercolors in translucent and opaque inks that blend beautifully in diverse color stories. There is a blue version or a purple palette plus four more. Mix and match with Pop Dot (ST6070 – ST6074) or Watercolor Strie (ST6014 – ST6019).
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